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Annecy (Èneci / Ènneci in Arpitan language) is a city in the Rhône-Alpes (Rôno-Arpes) region of east central France, on the shores of Lake Annecy, 22 miles south of Geneva.


Annecy is a municipality in the Haute-Savoie (Savouè d’Amont / Hiôta-Savouè) département, in the Rhône-Alpes région. It is the préfecture (capital) of the département.
The metropolitan area of Annecy includes 13 municipalities.
Annecy is the capital of three cantons:


Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambéry. Thus its history was strongly influenced by these two towns between the 10th and the 19th century. Starting as the capital of the county of Geneva, after the demise of the counts of Geneva, it became integrated into the House of Savoie in 1401. In 1444, it was set up by the Princes of Savoie as the capital of a region covering the possessions of the Genevois, Faucigny and Beaufortain. With the advance of Calvinism in 1535, it became a center for the Counter-Reformation and the bishop's see of Geneva was transferred here. (It suppressed in 1801, though restored in 1822.) During the French Revolution, the Savoy region was conquered by France and Annecy became attached to the département of Mont Blanc, of which capital was Chambéry. After the Bourbon Restoration in 1815, it was returned to the House of Savoy. When Savoy was annexed by France in 1860, it became the capital of the new département of Haute-Savoie.
Francis of Sales was born at the castle of Sales, close by, in 1567. He was bishop of Annecy from 1602 to 1622.
Annecy was the site of the second round of GATT talks in 1949.


Annecy is on the northern tip of Lake Annecy (Lac d'Annecy).


Annecy has hosted the Annecy International Animated Film Festival since 1960.

Sites of interest

Annecy is a pleasant residence, and is home to a number of important places and monuments:
There is also a public library, with 20,000 volumes and various scientific collections.

Research organisations

  • LAPP Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique des Particules specialized in Physics
  • Mecatronics department of CETIM
  • Different R&D activities in the Université de Savoie and its Ecole Polytechnique d'Ingenieurs: Polytech'Savoie.


Companies located in and around Annecy:
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